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Game idea: BElack Jack

Posted by Spin789XY - January 27th, 2022

I just remembered a game idea from a few months back: BElack Jack


The game plays mostly like Black Jack, the only big difference is what you bet with.

Instead of money, BElack Jack plays with breast size.

If you lose a hand, you increase up one cup size.

If you win a hand, you remain at your current chest size.

If you get Black Jack, you can either increase everyone else’s bust by two cup sizes, or decrease your self by two cup sizes.


If there are two players (minus dealer), the winner is the one with the smallest chest.

If there are more than two players (minus dealer), there are TWO winners, the person with the smallest chest, AND the person with the BIGGEST CHEST.

Stealing and Giving:

You can swap cards with other players by Stealing their cards or Giving them your cards. You and the player your swapping with must both agree to swap cards. Stealing and Giving can only happen before players begin to take more cards.

If you successfully steal from a player and you win the hand, you decrease your bust size and they increase their bust size by the difference of your final scores.

If you successfully steal and lose the hand, then the inverse happens. You increase and they decrease by the difference of your final scores.

If you successfully give your cards to the other player and they win the hand, you and them may refuse to alter your bust size two times, or use both at once to do the inverse of the change.

If you successfully give your cards and neither of you win, the other player is forced to take double the change in size to two turns and you are forced to do the same for FOUR turns. The other player may use protection for those two turns, but you can not use it over your four turns.

Double or Down:

If you call “Down me”, state how many cup sizes you want to go down in bust size.

If you win the hand, then you go down that amount.

if you lose that hand, you instead have to add double the amount you wanted to shrink to your bust instead.

If you Double or Down then you are not allowed to be involved with Stealing or Giving for the rest of the turn.

(if you have suggestions for improvements to the game, please comment below)



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